Thinking Routine: What makes you say that?


Product Description

We have developed pictorial prompts to support students accessing, beginning to use and understanding visible thinking routines.

These picture prompts are reused in other resources to provide clues to learners who are new to reading or the English language.

This is a core resource to support the development of a common language of learning in your class community.

This is one routine where each step can be printed on an individual card. This allows and encourages learners to become aware of the order and process they are taking when exploring a topic.

It can be used with very young learners right through to experienced learners in your staffroom.

This thinking routine is for going deeper into an idea and developing justification skills

  • What do you think? (Ideas and perspectives are shared.)
  • Why do you think that? (Students then justify or explain their idea further.)
  • Where did those ideas come from? (Students have to link their thinking back to personal or external sources.)


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