What is constructivist learning? An introduction to inquiry Part 2

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Constructivist teaching

Teaching and learning, particularly that embedded in an institutional setting, has a long history of change. These changes influenced what was taught, what was considered real knowledge, to whom learning was made available and what methods of teaching were preferred. Teachers have found themselves constantly re-positioned through these changes as experts, best friends, mentors and now as IT brokers. The … Read More

What is constructivist learning? An introduction to inquiry Part 1

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An introduction to inquiry

When running inquiry-based workshops a frequent request is for some dot point ways to identify the differences between inquiry-based teaching/learning and other teaching approaches. My experience is that most teachers’ practice moves somewhere along a continuum of very traditional teaching methods through the middle ranges of constructivist teaching right to the other end of the spectrum often described as discovery … Read More

Helicopter Parents and Building of Resilience and Grit

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helicopter parents

Helicopter Parents and Building of Resilience and Grit Post written by Mary-Denese Holmes I have heard, of late, the term “Helicopter Parents” being applied to parents engaged in the life work of growing-up the children and young people in their care. At the outset I need to be clear that I include in the term ‘parents’ the many and various … Read More

Developing Collaborative Discussion Practices

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Collaborative Discussion Techniques Post collaboratively written by Carla and Mary-Dense Holmes Summary of the big ideas in this blog Students need to have the language of learning in order to  participate in inquiry Using collaborative discussion strategies enables students to become active participants in the inquiry process Conceptual understanding grows when students develop strategies for connecting ideas, working collaboratively and asking questions Students need the chance … Read More

The many faces of failure

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I sit writing this among the clutter and chaos of children and adults packing to return to HaNoi after seven weeks of holidays. The dog has gone into a decline and is hiding under the bed, this is way too much drama for him. There is goodwill aplenty; noise at ear-splitting levels and the all available energy fast diminishing. It … Read More