Inquiry Books

Invitation to wondering

Many of the books we read in schools and to our children are about sharing information or providing answers. At BeConWiz we believe in supporting wondering, a chance for children share their own ideas. Our books are designed not to provide answers, but rather raise them. They are designed to open up conversations about possibility, opportunities, connection making and of course, wondering.

The books are developed around broad concepts that can linked to many areas in the curriculum. Some books are framed with a thinking routine, others from  many perspectives on a given topic and some are about exploring the relationships we have with new things, possibilities  or problem solving.

We welcome more ideas for books, so if would like to order a tailor made book, please contact us at BeConWiz.

Terms and Conditions: In purchasing these items, you are agreeing to only use it in one classroom. The password and link are for the use with a single class. If more than one teacher in a teaching team wishes to use the website resources they need to purchase a voucher from the site OR contact BCW team and negotiate a teaching team purchase of the product.

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